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Always on means around the clock.
It's a promise that we'll always be here for you,
because our craft is our life's work.

'Always on'
is a lifestyle
and a mantra.

Always on means around the clock.

When we say we're always on, what do we mean?

Always on‘ really is more than just a motto. For us, it’s a way of life.

We wake up and do our dream job every day, something that we’re really passionate about. We’ll be winding down for bed and have a brainwave after a client pitched us an impossible task, realising that we can actually invent a machine modification that will hit the spec. We love to see smiley clients

Always on also means that, at Swytch HQ, the lights never go out. If you popped in at 2am, you’d probably find our production team beavering away on the next tight deadline. We’re proud of our track record for tough turnarounds and tight timings.

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Whether you have a project in mind, or just want to talk graphics, we’d love to hear it.