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Tension Frames & Lightboxes

Learn more about what we can do with beautiful vibrant displays, or let us know you’re interested in finding out more below

Made in-house & completely custom for you.

Utilising high-resolution, large-format, direct UV graphic printsa silicone strip is sewn directly to the edge of our premium fabric.

This silicone edge is then inserted into a groove inside an aluminium extrusion framing system, creating fantastic dynamic signage.

See how we make everything from scratch and in-house.


So, just how easy is it to refresh your fabric graphics?

The only major investment is your permanent fixture, the frame or the lightbox itself. From then on, you can chop and change your fabric at minimal cost.

And the best part is, it’ll take you less than 5 minutes to replace.

Big, bright, & flexible; fabric graphics that make a shining impact.

Custom tension frames are a staple on the high street as creative point-of-sale retail displays thanks to their versatility.

You see, one of the best things about Tension Frames is that the only permanent fixture is the frame itself, the fabric graphic inside can be changed at will. Creating dynamic signage for any environment.

Illuminate your
space with lightboxes.

Using 24v reliable components, we create lightboxes that really run for years to come. Combine this with our purpose-made fabric for a backlit experience that will always make an impression.

At your request, we’ll build lighting into your tension frames with low-profile power connections so that you can have borderless graphics.

What makes fabric graphics so special?

It’s a method of creative retail display solution that allows for quick repeat installation with almost zero training.

So whether you’re in need of backlit displays or just the frames, your initial investment provides you with vibrant affordable graphics that return on value the more you use them.

And the best part is, when you’re ready for new graphics we’ll simply print you a new batch of fabrics – leaving your display looking brand new every time.

Custom framing
systems & lightboxes.

The perfect solution for supercharging retail promotional displays, point-of-sale, or simply just looking to illuminate up your space – we’re the display fabrication experts for dynamic retail signage.

Our bespoke tension frames and custom LED lightboxes are designed to enhance the visual merchandising of any environment, with seamless fabric displays that fit in… seamlessly.

So if you’re looking for stunning retail branding solutions, our dedicated production line can build and deliver with lightning fast turnaround.

What can fabric displays do for you?

There’s a reason that tension display manufacturing been our fastest growing dedicated division over the last few years, there’s nothing else like it.

Add a premium, tactile quality to your retail display scheme with silicone edged fabric graphics. Offering a distinctive and versatile method of creating high-impact seamless displays in any environment. 

Custom Construction

We build every frame specifically for your needs, so your imagination is the limit.

Perfect For Any Environment

Frames are available as single-sided, double-sided and in back-lit options. Meaning that frames can be wall-mounted, free-standing, or suspended.

Zero Hassle Refresh

With SEG, you get a durable graphic that is cost-effective to refresh as often as your campaigns require. 

No Glare

Graphics are vibrant without being displayed behind glass, perfect for media walls and areas being photographed or filmed.

Fast Shipping

Fabrics take up far less space when rolled and shipped than a traditional board graphic, saving you money and speeding up shipping. 

Modular and Lightweight Frame

Frames are lightweight, portable, modular, and easy to assemble and breakdown.

Stretch to unbelievable lengths.

Our stitch line has produced miles of fabric over the last few years, so we’re prepared for just about anything.

Make fabrics up to 3-metres wide and an unlimited length, all printed right here from our state of the art production facility.

Going full-circle for the environment.

We can provide printed fabrics made from 100% recycled waste bottles, and offer a full-circle service to ensure that all fabrics are recycled properly at the end of life.

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