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It’s a tricky task, choosing the perfect combination of print and materials for outdoor signage, especially when you consider the t-shirt and shorts weather we have here in Leicester.

Our ever-expanding range of signage systems is designed to provide you with the ultimate versatility and range of choice. After a quick chat with our superstar accounts team we’ll have your brand new, long-lasting signage up in no time.

Reasons to make the Swytch ↓

All of our graphics are made using cutting edge, industry leading, methods and equipment. We work on all of our processes, tweaking the tried and tested, to create graphics to a standard of innovation that actively goes toe-to-toe with any other leader in our industry.

We create for visual impact, in everything we do. If it doesn't look awesomewe didn't make it.

All of our graphics and systems are manufactured in-house, at our state-of-the-art production facility in Leicester.

We take pride in our ability to own every single piece of the graphics process, enabling us to provide an entirely efficient and controlled service. In turn, this helps all of our clients to keep their wallets tucked away in their pockets.

Some projects require that extra little bit of help to get prepared for launch, we endeavour to make sure that your activations run smoothly every time, and we're here support you in every step of the graphics management process.

Installation is the fastest growing division over here at Swytch. We've been doing this for years, but in recent times we've brought on increasing numbers of seasoned installation experts, allowing us to now be in the position of offering an installation service for every single project.

At Swytch, we're proud of every single project that leaves through our doors. If we're not 100% satisfied with a job, we'll ensure a reprint in double-time and get it out to you in perfect condition. When you unbox our work, we make sure that you're always happy the first time.

We stake ourselves on our reputation as one of the stalwarts of quality within our industry, and have done for over 40 years now.

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