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When it comes to printing your marketing or point of sale materials, you want to do what is best for your business. You need high quality, effective and striking visuals to draw in your customers whoever they are. One of the first decisions to make during this process is whether to purchase equipment in-house or outsource to a dedicated third-party print company. In most cases, it’s best to outsource. Here are a few reasons why you should outsource to a specialist.


Equipment Costs are Prohibitive

Professional print equipment to produce high-quality material is expensive and the smaller your business, the larger the relative cost. It’s isn’t just about buying the hardware, there are other costs involved. These include high-quality inks, the printing material, and of course – the cost of regular service to ensure it continues to work efficiently, and repair following a breakdown. Hidden costs of keeping your professional printing services in-house include the electricity and lighting. You also might need to find the space for a dedicated print room.

As a provider of print services, we offer a cost-effective solution to SMEs, even for ongoing print jobs, so you don’t have to invest in specialist expensive printers.

Employee Resources

Buying in-house equipment also means training one or more of your employees to use it. It’ll be a steep learning curve for them in the short term with some element of trial and error. Long-term, it means you’ll need to dedicate some of your human resources to procuring replacement parts. What then happens if they leave or are long-term sick? Can you afford to train several people to use the equipment and can you afford to redirect them from their regular tasks?

Outsourcing your marketing printing to professionals ensures your employees are available to do what they do best.

Outsourcing is a Partnership

Working with a dedicated outsourcing print company has never been easier or more cost-effective. Modern retail sales is a highly competitive area with multiple avenues all vying for the customer’s hard-earned pound. When you hire the services of an outsource print company, you’re investing in an asset who, over time, will understand your business as well as you do and deliver a professional service every time.