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Faith In Nature – Refill Station

Faith In Nature needed an entirely robust FSDU, entirely sustainably.

  • Strategy

    Retail Displays

  • Design

    Sustainability, FSDU Design

  • Client

    Faith In Nature


To make a robust, functional,
FSDU entirely sustainably.

We were challenged to design and produce an entirely physically robust, cost-effective unit that can stock a maximum of 45L of products, whilst retaining the ethical credentials of Faith In Nature’s identity.

The unit also needed to be designed within a compact footprint to allow for fit-out in all kinds of independent stores, lots of which are bounded by floorspace.

We worked with the client to produce a sustainable solution, by opting for metal drip trays as opposed to plastic. This helps us keep materials out of the plastic recycling chain by controlling waste materials, as well as the added benefit of extended material longevity. These elements are reusable and recyclable if required.


The first challenge was to overcome loadbearing capacity requirements whilst maintaining strong sustainability credentials. As a result, our experienced design team produced a Swedboard unit that is 100% recyclable, recycled, FSC certified, with negative CO2 emissions. The unit is designed to be shipped flat with simple assembly for reduced distribution emissions.


Percent recyclability


KG loadbearing capacity

Faith In Nature – Refill Station

Faith In Nature – Refill Station

Hästens – We sleep, do you?

Hästens – We sleep, do you?

We produced a four-colour unit that incorporated reverse-side graphics for situations where the unit wasn’t placed against a wall – leaving no stone left unturned for communication – ensuring that branding wasn’t obscured by pumps on the shelves, and that drip trays were accurately placed without drawing attention.

All labels are printed and cut from completely recycled materials, allowing for product variants to be quickly and easily updated without adding any waste. To comply with the latest regulations, each refill-formulation requires an over-sticker to be applied to each shopper-filled container.

We’ve made sure to feature Faith In Nature’s branding effectively and prominently across the entire unit, ensuring brand visibility from every angle. Bold colours and contrasts bring the header to focus, where we’ve built in the eye-catching brand messaging.

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